Wednesday, April 25, 2018



Courtesy of Robert Chatburn & the Cleveland Clinic 

From Robert Chatburn:

My colleagues and I at Cleveland Clinic have been developing a standardized system to teach basic mechanical ventilation technology, over the last decade. We have now completed a 12 module, self-directed course (PowerPoint files) and a ventilator simulator (Excel file) that contains links to many additional resources.
We offer both freely (no strings attached) with the intent of improving the lives of patients through better understanding of those who serve them; clinicians, educators, researchers, and engineers

To access these tools, do the following:
The Basic Course in Mechanical Ventilation and SIVA ventilator simulator are now available on the MyLearning website at Cleveland Clinic.
This course is best viewed using Internet Explorer. If using Google Chrome, please make sure the Adobe Flash plugin is installed.
Please log into to access the course. The course can be found under the Find Learning tab by searching for the course title. The course is open for self-enrollment.
You can also access the course by clicking on the direct link
If you have not yet created a password to log into MyLearning, please follow the instructions shown below.
Feel free to contact if you have any problems accessing the course.
MyLearning Password Instructions
1.      Click the link
2.      If you are NOT a Cleveland Clinic employee (do not have a CCF employee id#), Click Create New Account and follow instructions.
3.      If you are a Cleveland Clinic employee OR non-employee that may already have an account from mCOMET, click the Existing Account button. Anyone with a CCF employee id# or a non-employee ID# (e.g., student, contractor, vendor) will automatically have an account. Enter one of the following depending on your employment status: 
o    Cleveland Clinic Employees: Enter your Cleveland Clinic employee ID in the Employee id field
o    Non-Cleveland Clinic Employees: Enter your email address (used in mCOMET) in the Email address field
4.   Click the Search button
5.      A message displays, click the Continue button
6.      Check your email for further instructions (This may be your email or a personal email depending on which one is your contact email in your HR record. Please also check your Junk email)
7.      In the email, click the link provided
8.      The Set password screen displays, enter a new password following the instructions provided
9.      If the password is accepted you will be automatically logged into the MyLearning site (Save the site to your Favorites/Bookmarks)