Monday, September 3, 2012

Obtaining P0.1 on Various Ventilators

Airway Occlusion at 0.1 Second (P0.1)

In previous post I provide a brief description of the P0.1 and how one can apply this to adjusting  settings on the ventilator [1,2] and provide greater detail in my book [3].

However, how does one obtain this measurement?

Fortunately, modern mechanical ventilators have this as a software option.

Even though the procedure for obtaining a P0.1 is automated, it is a little different on each device.

PB 840

The above video demonstrates how to obtain a P0.1 using the PB840. 

Draeger Evita XL

Image 1: Draeger Evita XL screen with special procedure tab highlight in yellow.

1.  Select the "special procedures" tab, as pictured in image 

2. Select the "Diagnostics" tab, pictured in image 2. 

Image 2: Draeger Evita XL screen, showing the diagnostic tab.

3. The operator can perform the procedure or set a interval for a automated procedure (see image 3). Setting a time interval is beneficial for trending responses to ventilator changes. 

Image 3: Diagnostic tab cropped to show procedure options. 

Hamilton Ventilators

1. To obtain P0.1 measurements the trigger has to be set to a "pressure" trigger.

2. P0.1 is continuously measured for spontaneous efforts (as long as pressure trigger is selected). 

3. This value is displayed as a monitored value and can also be trended (see image 4). 

Image 4: Hamilton G5 screen shot, showing the P0.1 value located under the "Monitoring" tab. 

Respironics Esprit

1. The P0.1 maneuver is under the "MIP/P0.1" tab (image 5). 

Image 5: MIP/P0.1 tab of the Respironics Esprit ventilator. 

2. The screen provides the time and date of the last maneuver for comparison (image 6).

Image 6: A series of P0.1 maneuvers performed for comparison.

The above examples show how the operator can easily perform this diagnostic maneuver. I would encourage all practitioners to apply this assessment into daily clinical practice.

How to apply it? 

These are a few examples of application to get one started (links below):