Friday, October 31, 2014

Adaptive Targeting Schemes

Adaptive targeting schemes use "a control system that allows the ventilator to automatically set some (or all) of the targets between breaths to achieve other preset targets" (Chatburn, 2012). Adaptive Pressure Control is most likely the most recognized and most used modality that uses a adaptive targeting scheme.

 Please review the above video for a more detailed description. 

Adaptive Pressure Control Playlist


Chatburn, R. (2012). Standardized Vocabulary for Mechanical Ventilation. Mandu Press. 

*Note- this reference is available under the link free mechanical ventilation handouts.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Servo Targeting Schemes

Ventilator modes that use Servo targeting schemes are very responsive and provide the most comfort and synchrony in the spontaneous breathing patient. Servo targeting is "a control system for which the output of the ventilator automatically follows a varying input. This means that the inspiratory pressure is proportional to inspiratory effort" (Chatburn, R.). 

The below videos give a brief description of Servo targeting schemes and ventilator modes that use Servo targeting schemes.