Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Assessment of Collateral Circulation of the Hand via Pulse Oximetry

The assessment of collateral circulation of the hand is performed often by surgeons, anesthesiologists, and Respiratory Care Practitioners (Cook, L, 2001; Galvin and Jones, 1989; Gerhring et al, 2002; Raju, 1986; Van de Louw et al, 2001) and Wisely and Cook, 2001). 

Surgeons may use this evaluation before performing a radial artery harvest for coronary artery bypass surgery, Anesthesiologists assess collateral circulation of the hand before arterial cannulation and Respiratory Care Practitioners check the collateral circulation before performing radial artery sticks for blood gas analysis. Each health care professional assesses collateral circulation of the hand for a different reason; however, they all primarily use the same evaluation technique.