Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Limits of Pressure-Control Ventilation: a Introduction to the Mid-Frequency Simulator

In respiratory therapy school I was never taught about the various mathematical models of pressure-control ventilation (PC-CMV) and we probably only had a hour lecture on respiratory time constants. In clinical rotations PC-CMV was seldom used and had a bad reputation only being used on the sickest patients. This was due to the practice of utilizing  inverse-ratio ventilation in treating patients with ARDS and  serve hypoxia, which led to the administration of neuro-muscular blocking agents and poor outcomes.

Even today many practitioners are unfamiliar with the most versatile mode of ventilation (PC-CMV) and do not know how to optimize the settings. If one wants to have a understanding of the advance modes of ventilation, PC-CMV is were to start.