Thursday, January 28, 2016

What’s Your Mode?

Happy 2016! This post is to inform readers on two topics related to this blog.


This year I will begin transitioning this blog and my YouTube page to a FREE email subscription based newsletter. Throughout the year I will continue to post content on the blog and brief videos on my YouTube page, however subscribers to my newsletter will receive additional content on the topics of mechanical ventilation and respiratory therapy (e.g. extended more detailed videos, PDF files, etc.).

After December 2016 no additional content will be posted here, however the blog & YouTube page will remain open as an archive.

Image 1. Ventilator Screen shot of Adaptive Support Ventilation, patient safety and comfort targets. 


I will be starting a new video series similar to ones I have already created (e.g. APRV, PC-CMV, Adaptive Pressure Control). The title of this series is “What’s your mode?”

This series will be comprised of approximately 18 videos providing operational transparency to the various modes of mechanical ventilation. I believe this is important because clinicians’ need to understand the boundaries of these modalities which is not always disclosed by the device manufacturer.

The video idea was conceived after reading I believe one of the most brilliant papers and theories on mechanical ventilation “A rational framework for selecting modes of mechanical ventilation” [1]. This paper questions why we use a specific ventilator mode and proposes selecting a mode based on the three central goals of mechanical ventilation; patient safety, patient comfort, and transitioning to liberation. The paper also introduces selecting a mode of mechanical ventilation based on mode capabilities and features to accomplish these goals.

Note- two evident things;

The mode has to be available on the ventilator in use.
The clinician has to be competent and know the capabilities and boundaries of a specific mode.  

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