Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Using the Quasi-Static Pressure/Volume Curve to Identify Optimal PEEP & Recruitability


In previous post I mention evaluating the static P/V curve to set P-High when using Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (aka. APRV, BiLevel, BiVent) and to set optimal PEEP.

Another advantage of analyzing the static P/V curve is to identify if the patients lungs are recruitable. If they are not recruitable, then they will most likely not respond to higher levels of PEEP or placing them on APRV. 

The above video demonstrates the difference between recruitable & Non-recruitable lungs. 

APRV: Setting P-High Based on the Static Pressure Volume Curve

Setting PEEP

The Constant Low Flow Method: Utilizing the PB840 part two

Identifying Optimal PEEP with the PB840 Ventilator: the Constant Low Flow Method