Monday, February 28, 2011

Obtaining the MIP without a Manometer.

I always hate trying to find equipment, especially if your in the ICU & have to go to the basement where respiratory supplies are located. This quick trick is a very convenient way to obtain the Maximal Inspiratory Pressure at Low Volume, without a analogue pressure manometer.

note: vent needs to have a "Digital Auxiliary Pressure Input (Paux)", e.g. Galileo or G5

1. Connect green O2 tubing on the Auxiliary Pressure Input, on the Galileo or G5

2. Select the parameter-monitoring window.

3. Select the Paw/Paux tab: then select Paux (when the Paux pressure input is activated, the color of the pressure-based parameters changes to orange).

4. Attach weaning manifold to the green O2 tubing.

5. Select the parameter-monitoring window, to view measurements. The measurement to observe and record is “pminimum cmH2O”.

6. Silence alarms, disconnect patient from the ventilator, attach test lung to circuit and attach the weaning manifold to patient’s airway (trach or E.T. tube).

7. Monitor Vital signs, and hemodynamic status.

8. Perform procedure for 20 Seconds and observe the “pminimum cmH2O” number.

9. Place the patient back on the ventilator, and record the number in the space provided on vent flow sheet.

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