Monday, March 23, 2009

Waveform of the week : the Ventilator Cockpit

Many people fear technology is replacing them and not enhancing us. This is not true for the 
 ventilator cockpit or "Ventilation Cockpit" . 
The Ventilation Cockpit is a tool on Hamilton Medicals C2 & G5 ventilators, which makes the operator better at recognizing changes in patients ventilatory status & frees up time, for more one on one patient care. The cockpit integrates various data (lung mechanics, settings, and spontaneous activity) into informative graphics. 

The cockpit displays two graphics:

One is the "Vent Status" pictured below.

With this graphic the user is able to identify the amount of ventilatory support needed, oxygenation status, CO2 elimination, patient activity, & if the patient meets indications for weaning or liberation from the mechanical ventilator.

The second graphic provides real-time information on the patients lung mechanics, EtCO2 measurement, & spontaneous effort. 

The Cockpit is a very useful tool, allowing the operator to visualize multiple processes without going to various screens or pages. 

*for more information visit the Hamilton Medical website (Hyper-linked at the top of the page) or my YouTube page for a overview.


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