Sunday, July 10, 2011

Obtaining Pulmonary mechanics with the PB840 Ventilator

In my opinion I believe the PB840 ventilator is an outdated platform. One thing that frustrates me is that additional functions/features cost the purchaser extra, where on most ventilators these functions are standard.

-No low flow lung mechanics tool.

The only thing I believe is useful is Proportional Assist Plus, however this is still a software upgrade charge.

Another frustration when using the PB840 is obtaining pulmonary mechanics measurements correctly.
When properly obtaining these measurements one has to place the patient in VC-CMV (volume controlled ventilation) and perform an additional three steps.

Here are the steps:

1. Place the patient in VC mode (if the patient is in another mode)
2. Change the flow waveform setting to a Square (constant) flow waveform pattern.
3. Change the flow setting value to obtain a I-time which matches the previous set I-time.
4. Perform an inspiratory pause, by pressing the inspiratory pause button (insp pause)