Monday, February 23, 2009

Medical Device Companies names for APRV

There are various ventilators which a practitioner can utilize APRV.
Yes, APRV is a trade name for airway pressure release ventilation on Draeger brand ventilators. However, one must think of airway pressure release ventilation as a specific application of biphasic breath delivery and not solely focus on the name of a modality.

Below are photos of various ventilator modes which one can simulate airway pressure release ventilation.

APRV- trade name for Evita series ventilators. 

Bilevel- mode on the PB 840 used to mimic APRV

Bi-Vent- Servo-i ventilators, used to simulate APRV

DuoPAP+, this mode most resembles APRV in regards to initial settings. Hamilton ventilators.